Wabash Riverkeeper

Wabash Riverkeeper®

WELCOME to the Wabash River, a legendary river that has been neglected far too long. The Wabash Riverkeeper is a group of friends and families working together to protect and restore the Wabash River and its tributaries so that our waters are safer for fishing, swimming and drinking. Our mission is to stop pollution and to restore clean water in the Wabash River and its tributaries through enforcement and community engagement. Our members include people who enjoy fishing, wading, swimming or floating in our rivers and streams, paddle a kayak or canoe, live along streambanks, enjoy hiking or birdwatching near waterways and many more. In short, we are people who just plain appreciate rivers and want to protect them. The strength of our group is the number of people who support our mission of community-building activities and pollution-busting enforcement. Join us!


Contact us: Rae Schnapp, Wabash Riverkeeper, 765-714-4829, 839 Main Street, Suite 520, Lafayette, IN 47901