Fountain County

Fountain County was created December 30th 1825 with the Act of the Legislature of the State of Indiana.

The Act read: “An Act for the formation of a new county out of the counties of Montgomery and Wabash.

Sec. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Indiana that from and after the first day of April, next, all that tract of country included within the constitute a new county, to be known and designated by the name of the County of Fountain, to-wit: Beginning where the line dividing townships 17 and 18 crosses the channel of the Wabash river; thence east to the line west of the second principle meridian; thence north to where said line strikes thence running down twith the meanderlings of said river to the place of beginning.”

It has been said that Fountain county was named so because of the numerous fountains of pure water which flow along the hiss and terraces of the Wabash River and its tributaries. Another legend has it that the county was named for a Major Fountaine, who lived in the county at one time.

Fountain County Historical Society Inc.
C/O 724 South Layton Station Rd.
Veedersburg, IN 47987
Phone: 765/294-2037
President: Claudine Yerkes

Fountain county is home to one of Indiana’s few National Natural Landmarks. Caused by the meandering of a small stream, a 30-by-12-foot opening has been carved in a massive sandstone formation and created a bridge known as Portland Arch. Nearby, the Canada Blueberry can be found in the only known site in the state of Indiana. The Portland Arch State Nature Preserve is located on the south side of the town of Fountain. For more information you can contact the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Nature Preserves.

Historic Downtown Attica

Downtown brochures are available at Craft’s Appliances at the corner of Main & Perry Streets. Most of the buildings were constructed during the time of the Wabash & Erie Canal. Attica is the only town in Indiana with the Main Street having a dogleg curve that follows the bank of the Wabash River. Self-guided brochures are available at Craft Appliances. For more information, call Sue Craft at 765-764-4420