Pittsburg Park

Banks of the Wabash is currently working on development of a river access point in Pittsburg Indiana just outside of Delphi.

Wabash Riverkeeper, Rae Schnapp describes the Pittsburg proposal to local residents and representatives of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and Senator Donelly’s office.

The proposal would replace the crumbling boat ramp with a modern structure. The group is standing on the existing ramp.

Pittsburg is a historic town once known for boat building, a ferry crossing, and a controversial mill & dam project.

Pittsburg is also home to a well known spring/artesian well that supplies water to this historic horse trough that once supplied water to thirsty draft animals after pulling wagons across the river. Today this humble horse trough supplies drinking water to e well enjoys popularity as people come from miles around to collect drinking water from this inconspicuous well. This site is just across the street from the proposed park site.

What exactly is being proposed?

The name Pittsburg Riverfront Park and Water Trail Campsites is just a working title and may be changed. The basic concept is to develop a plan to install a new improved access road and boat ramp in the same location as the deteriorating ramp that already exists. The proposal also includes primitive camping and a picnic shelter/overlook.

Who owns the site?

The site has been owned by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for several years, though it has not been improved or maintained. With this project, the site will remain public but we will develop and implement a plan for its improvement, expansion and maintenance.

Who will use the site?

We anticipate that the site will be used primarily by local residents who want to access the river by canoe, kayak or motor boat. It will also be used by fishermen and people who want to enjoy the view of the river or have a picnic lunch. People who come to Pittsburg to collect water from the landmark artesian well are likely to stop at the park.

How will this project improve river access?

This project will provide a better boat ramp for river access. It will not address rocky conditions in the river channel. During low water, the ramp will primarily be used by canoes, kayaks and small fishing boats. It is expected that the boat ramp will be used by motor boats primarily during high water conditions. This will help take some of the pressure off the French Post Park during those peak times.

Where will the money come from?

The project is funded by a grant from the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission. Revenues come from oil and gas extracted from under the Wabash River. The main purpose of the grant program is to promote the use of the Wabash River as a water trail.

The grant was awarded to Banks of the Wabash, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, enhancing and promoting the significant historical and natural resources of the Wabash River Corridor. Among other things Banks of the Wabash organizes and assists with De-Trash the Wabash events and other river clean-ups along the Wabash and its tributaries.

Why is this project good for Carroll County?

This project will provide greatly improved river access in the Delphi area. It will also be a destination for boaters, fishermen, and tourists. It will help draw attention to both the natural beauty and the historical significance of the Pittsburg area. It will boost area commerce and create economic opportunities for restaurants/cafes or boat and bait shops.